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Understanding Prosperity

One of the most difficult tasks in ministering to folks is getting them to understand the truth that God wants them to prosper and do well in life. In fact, God wants them to prosper more than they want to! Many good Christian people have never entered into the dimension of prosperity that God intended for them, and one reason they haven't is a lack of understanding in this area. 

If you want to walk in the perfect will of God and experience His richest and best for our life you've got to do the perfect will of God. That requires honoring and obeying God and His Word.

But in order to honor and obey the Word, a person must first find out what the Word has to say. The Word of God has a great deal to say about prosperity for the believer. 

Many Christians are not prospering today because they are not willing and obedient to the call of God on their lives or to some specific direction God has given them. Others simply need to get their thinking straightened out so they can think, talk, and act in line with God's Word concerning prosperity. 

Still others give financially with wrong motives—just to get something in return. Or they give motivated by guilt or fear instead of by faith and love. And some Christians dishonor God and His Word, not only by failing to tithe and give offerings, but in the way they conduct their business affairs. 

But this doesn't have to be the case in your life. God wants you to prosper financially! 

I remember what my life was like before I learned this truth about prosperity from the Bible. My family and I struggled greatly in this area, just barely making it financially for many years. We weren't scraping the bottom of the barrel; we were underneath the barrel and the barrel was on top of us! But praise God, the Word works! Prosperity came to us as we learned to act on the Word of God in that area.

Success in God doesn't come overnight. And if you're not prospering in life right now, your prosperity in God won't appear overnight either. But if you'll continually honor and obey God and His Word, it will come. 

It is my prayer that these teachings will bring God's blessings to your life so you can be a blessing to the Kingdom of God and the work of God on the earth.

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